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For another view on the influence of Google in the sphere of digital media,  check out this comment by Lynley Hood on the impact of the Google Book Settlement on New Zealand taonga and intellectual property. This comment was posted on Beattie’s Book Blog on the 18th of August, and it’s worth reading the comments underneath the blog to get a sense of the debate in New Zealand over this Google enterprise.

 Although we live in a global village in terms of accessibility to digtitised media, it seems that the rights of New Zealanders over their intellectual property are harder to enforce away from our shores. My take on this is that the New Zealand Government should make every effort to protect our taonga and the intellectual property of New Zealanders in the world marketplace.

What do you think?


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Here is the first part of a talk by David Rumsey about  the transformation of his library of historical maps into digital format. This is a great example of someone tapping into the huge potential of digital media.

It is exciting to see Rumsey’s engagement with Second Life. Here in New Zealand there are a number of initiatives to use Second Life in tertiary education, and I think there is a great (as yet largely untapped) opportunity for libraries to participate in Second Life learning projects as well.

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This is my first blog post for the INFO525 blog assignment.

My first decision in creating this blog is: What kind of blog will this be?  Although the original term for blogs, Web Logs, seems to indicate that a blog is somewhat like a diary (think Samuel Pepys)  the first thing I noticed about blogs is that, unlike a diary, they usually cover a specific subject area or theme. This might be political commentary, musings on the meaning of life, or the record of a project to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s classic work on French cooking.

Even library-related blogs can vary wildly. Among other approaches there is serious commentary on the profession, aggregating news blogs giving library-related updates, and satire.

New Zealand-based blogs for librarians include comment and news updates about the world of books, thoughts on being a librarian, and commentary on information-related issues.

As well as all these blogs for librarians, there are the blogs created by librarians to inform their audience, giving updates on news of the library and interesting new acquisitions.

However, this blog is related to the INFO525 paper so I’ll try and keep it reasonably focussed. Watch this space!

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Career Librarian

But before I get down to the serious stuff . . .

Here’s a job interview for librarians, Monty Python style.

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